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There is nothing worse than expecting a payday check, and seeing that the IRS has garnished most, if not all of your money.   This is truly one of the most painful things that can happen.  Often the phone call to our office is made with a shaky voice and the meeting is often urgent and tear-filled!  The problem with a levy is that whatever is left over for you to take home won’t be enough for groceries, paying the rent, car payment or any other bills.  The harsh reality about this is that this will continue until what is owed is completely paid (unless something is done to stop it!).  And by law, your employer is required to take whatever the IRS demands when a wage garnishment is filed with them.  They have no choice!

We deal with the IRS on a daily basis, and we can help negotiate an IRS wage garnishment release by offering an alternative solution that is more beneficial to you. Even a payment plan with the IRS will be more to your liking than the wage garnishment.  If you qualify, an Offer In Compromise may be the salvation you’ve been praying for! There are other solutions too that can get a levy released. Having peace of mind that future checks won’t be garnished will ease fears and reduce stress.  If you want to talk about the options, give us a call.  It doesn’t cost anything to come in and talk with us about it.


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