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Virtual Tax Help Consultations

In addition to working with clients here in the Denver area, Advanced Tax Solutions can also help clients in other parts of Colorado through virtual consultations, thanks to the power of modern technology. There have been dramatic improvements in virtual meeting technology over the past few years, and our virtual consultations allow us to share our expertise with anyone looking for tax relief in D enver and other cities in Colorado.

Not only are virtual consultations an excellent precaution in the COVID variant era, but they also have the added benefit of eliminating travel time while allowing an easy way for clients to work with us from the convenience of their homes! All our core services are available through virtual consultations, but let's take a closer look at some of the most popular virtual tax relief options available in not only Denver but other parts of Colorado.

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Federal and State Tax Preparation

State tax returns are filed right along with federal tax returns in most cases. However, if you have some specific issue with your Colorado state tax return, regardless of the year, we can help you iron out those issues without ever having to meet in person.

Assuming that you are in good standing with your tax situation, we can meet with you virtually to discuss filing both your federal and state taxes for the next tax season. Advanced Tax Solutions in Denver can also set up virtual meetings periodically throughout the year to ensure that you are staying on track with the plan we design for your specific situation. Our local tax relief experience will make sure that you are paying exactly what you owe to Colorado, so you can be confident that you aren't breaking any laws, and that you aren't overpaying either.


Other Services

We can provide the people of Colorado any of our services through our virtual consultations so don't hesitate to contact us! Whether you need personal or business tax help, or assistance with any other tax problem, you can trust us to do everything we can to resolve your issue. If you own a Colorado-based business, with our tax relief services, we can set up a virtual meeting to review all your previous tax filings to ensure that everything is in proper order. Should we find any issues during these meetings, we can quickly devise a plan to address the problem, which always ends better than if the same issue was discovered in an audit. If you have a personal issue with the IRS, we can help with that too. Advanced Tax Solutions in Denver has a long history of negotiating reasonable settlements with the IRS, which we can also do virtually on your behalf.

Combining modern technology with one of the most consumer-focused tax resolution firms that provide tax relief services in Denver, Colorado gives us the ability to reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction and spend more of our time fixing your tax problems. Contact us today to set up your first virtual meeting.




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