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Locally Owned and Operated IN COLORADO for over 20 years! – NOT PART OF ANY Chain or 1-800 marketing ploys. Just professional service (over 50 years of combined experience dealing with the IRS and taxes!). We are 100% local to Denver. Our services focus primarily on the Front Range and Colorado. We do not market outside of Colorado! We live and work in Colorado, just like you. If you want to sit down and talk with the person working on your case… we are right here. No runaround trying to figure out who is working on your case. 

PLEASE check out our reputation – In a day where the 800 number chains are getting complaints daily! Some even have been raided by IRS agents!!! And some have had class action law suits and large state settlements. Our firm doesn’t have complaints anywhere. Check us out on the Better Business Bureau and the Tom Martino network. We would LOVE for you to compare our reputation for integrity, skill, and professionalism (along with successful dealings with the IRS) with ANY of our competitors. If you do… you WILL see a very positive difference in our dealings with clients! Our reputation means EVERYTHING to us

Feel free to call an 800 number and see what they have to say. Be prepared for a strong sale’s close. Many of our clients have said it felt like buying a used car…. heavy pressure and annoying “must pay retainer” closing techniques. BUT DON’T sign up until you’ve spoken with us!

There will not be a heavy “sales presentation”. If you want to sign up that day due to the urgency of your deadline, then we can start the same day. But IF YOU WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT… there is no pressure, we encourage people to think about it and make sure that what we are offering is what they believe is best for them. There is no change of price or ‘buy now or else’ incentives. From the bottom of our heart, we believe if it’s a good idea today for you to use our services, it will be a good idea tomorrow too (or next week if that’s what you need)!

Also compare our professional knowledge to what the 800 number salesperson has to offer. Our goal is to walk you through the different solutions available and to explain the pros and cons to each. Then after educating you on the types of solutions that are fitting in with your PERSONAL situation, and letting you know what the cost of the different solutions are, we let you think about it and decide what is best for you. It’s your choice and it’s that simple. It’s the way we think business should be done. We don’t want to pressure anyone into something that they don’t feel 100% good about doing.

Our commitment to you is based on the highest of professional accounting standards. We will anticipate your needs and work to exceed your expectations. We will always have your best interests in mind and work with you to help you reach your financial goals.

If you want to sit down and talk with the person working on your case... We are right here. No runaround trying to figure out who is working on your case.

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