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Read below to find out what information is in your IRS file and why the information is critical!  And NOW you can get it for a bargain, and have it explained to you for free

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We gather this information for most professional engagements.  We are trying to make this affordable for a lot more people so you can know exactly where you stand with the IRS.
We can get into the IRS’s computer system and request all the information they have about your account.  Yes! This is legal and we have a computer program that allows us to confidentially and legally request information on your behalf directly from the IRS.
We can find out what returns you have outstanding to the IRS.
We can obtain the exact date your tax liability will expire (or if it already has!)  A lot of people don’t realize that there is a timer ticking and if the IRS doesn’t collect on time, they lose the money!
We can determine if the IRS filed returns for you.  These are generally over inflated returns that can make you owe way more in taxes than what you’d owe if you filed them.  Good news, we can protest those!
We can find out if the IRS has deemed you “uncollectable” meaning they are not going to pursue collections on you.  This is much more common than you would ever expect, especially since covid!
We can determine if the IRS is poised to levy.  This is extremely important information, as it’s MUCH EASIER to stop a levy from happening than to get them to release a levy that is in place.  A levy is where they take your bank accounts or garnish your wages.  It’s also a levy if they take your assets i.e., retirement plans, cars, houses, rentals, etc.

What you will receive for $499:

                                                                                            Normal Price         Special Price        

  •     IRS Authorization form                                                     $135         $0.00
  •     Gather Information from IRS                                           $835         $499.00
  •     Analyze IRS information                                                   $550         $0.00
  •     45-minute Consultation with Licensed Professional   $195         $0.00

                                                                                  Normal Price  $1715        Total Special Price $499.00 
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This is how it works.  

  1. We will prepare a form 8821 Tax Information Authorization, an IRS form that allows us to gather information from the IRS.  It does not give us power to do anything but gather information.  If you have immediate IRS collections in process, you will want to proceed with a Form 2848 Power of Attorney instead.  That would require engaging us for a different type of service and this special would not be available.
  2. We have programs that allow us to get into the IRS system and discreetly gather a history of what the IRS has on file about you.  This process is discreet, the IRS collections division will not even know we have the information. 
  3. We would analyze the information we gathered to understand what you owe currently, and what returns have been filed by you, and just as important, what tax returns the IRS has filed for you.  We’d also have a better understanding of where you are in the collection process and how to proceed with any available solutions.
  4. We will be able to inform you of where you stand with the IRS and what steps to take to get back on track with the IRS.  You could then proceed on your own, or if you feel you need professional assistance, we would be available for tax preparation or IRS solutions as needed.  This would be a separate engagement and additional fees would apply if you wanted us to proceed with additional work.
  5. We will provide you with the IRS information we obtained.
  6. You will meet with a professional (included in this price of $499 – no additional fee for the meeting).  We will explain the information and options with you.
  7. The professional that you meet with, for free, will be a License professional, who is also a Certified Tax Resolutions Specialist (Certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers).

You will get a complete analysis of where you stand with the IRS and a professional to explain it all to you.  All of this for $499.  How much is your peace of mind worth?  Now is the time to check it out as this is a limited time offer.
One low price 
We regularly charge $1,500 to $2,500 for these services.  But if you proceed with this special offer, we will do all of this for a total of $499.00. Act today because once we withdraw the offer from the website, it will be too late.


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