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At Advanced Tax Solutions your free initial consultation will ALWAYS be with a Licensed Professional who is also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist… NEVER a sales person.

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More About Our Tax Resolution Specialists

You won’t find a more dedicated team of Denver, Colorado CPAs and tax resolution professionals than the team at Advanced Tax Solutions. We’re led by Todd Whalen, an IRS tax specialist who is one of just 300 people in the country who can sue the IRS on your behalf.That’s right – if you want to appeal an IRS decision, collect a refund that is owed, dispute a wrongful claim that you owe them money, or file a countersuit, Todd’s your guy. This is an ability that can only be acquired by taking an exhausting test in Washington DC only that 300 people have passed since it was established in 1942. What other team of Denver CPA and IRS tax specialists can say that?

Obviously, suing the IRS is quite the extreme measure, and if your circumstances aren’t as dire, you can still trust our team of Denver CPA and IRS tax professionals to help you get the IRS off your back and find solutions to your tax problems. The team at Advanced Tax Solutions strives to be your resource, partner, and advocate, no matter your situation. We’re committed to helping you find effective and fair solutions to all your issues and can guarantee that no one knows Colorado and federal tax issues better than we do.

You can feel confident in our services because all our certified tax resolution specialists are members of the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents, the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NEA), and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. They have also received various certifications for their work experience, education, and competency, and when you’re working under one of the few people who can sue the IRS, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two!

If you want to get your peace of mind back and stop getting hassled by the IRS, contact our team of Denver CPA and IRS tax professionals today!