Prior Questions Answered  
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Todd Whalen, Owner, answers a question about a Defaulted Payment Plan with the IRS.

Todd is explaining the resolution part of owing over $15,000 and getting assigned to a Collection Agency.

Todd discusses how to handle a debt with the IRS (less than $25k) and what happens when you accidently claim a married couple as dependents.

Todd goes over how to handle a debt between $5,000 - $15,000 with the IRS.

This week Todd Whalen, Owner of Advanced Tax Solutions CPA, PC goes over how to handle a balance around $20,000 (with filed tax returns) & and discusses the taxes after you sell your house, do you have to pay or how much to pay?

In this Webinar Todd discusses how to solve debts with IRS if you were married, if you pulled from a 401(k)/IRA, if you are being Audited, or if you filed your tax returns on time or late.

In this webinar, Todd goes over Allocation Between Spouses. He goes into detail about what happens if you and your spouse owe the IRS, even if you keep your money separate but file together, and if one person ones and the other does not.

Question: "I Owe $15,000 I need help on what to do". Todd Whalen talks about the different ways to solve this problem. They best option to look into is our website, this will go in more detail to help solve this kind of problem

In this webinar we answer when you receive a CP12 (the IRS changing your return).

In this webinar, Todd Whalen, Owner of Advanced Tax Solutions, CPA, PC. &, answers a question about the Courts not receiving Federal Taxes but receiving State taxes.