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Just about any IRS situation whether it be an IRS collection or audit will require any old tax returns or late tax returns to be filed. The IRS won’t even talk with you about a payment plan or an Offer In Compromise if you have unfiled or late tax returns. If you have no idea what your doing regarding the problem you are having with the IRS and need help with your unfiled tax returns, give us a call at (303) 753-6040 so we can assist your situation. Late taxes can be a problem for any solution, even in an audit situation! Whether you have not filed your taxes in one year or five, Denver’s own Advanced Tax Solutions is always ready and willing to help out someone in need. Our professionals have vast amounts of experience helping clients file their back taxes.  

We have all the tax programs running for all old tax years and probably prepare as many late filed tax returns as current year returns! Tax preparation and tax preparation of old returns are year round events for us and offering help with unfiled tax returns and late filed returns are right up our alley. Don’t feel bad about bringing in your late returns no matter how long it’s been! No worries, we are used to it.

And if you have several late filed back tax returns and a large balance due, it will probably help with your peace of mind that we are familiar with the civil and criminal ramifications of these kinds of issues. Contact us for any additional questions or to meet with a tax professional for help filing your back taxes today! 


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