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National chains boldly state on TV and radio that an OIC is a simple way to get out of tax debt. This can be true, but it is a great disservice NOT to explain the ramifications of failing if you submit an OIC. It’s a fearful thing to give the IRS, the ultimate collection agency, full access to every nook and cranny of your financial life!

We have seen many offers prepared by large companies and submitted to the IRS that had no hope of winning when it was submitted! This is why so many of the big national chains are in trouble and have been closed down for improper business practices.

Advanced Tax Solutions has been around for over 20 years (originally organized as Todd Whalen, CPA) and we have helped thousands and thousands of taxpayers. In that time frame we have only seen two times where we sent in an offer, and to our surprise, the IRS accepted the Offer without an argument or request for additional information. That’s not to say we only won two cases. We win the vast majority of offers we submit. However, it takes a lot of haggling and financial documentation to win most of the time. Just twice, the IRS received the paper work and said “OK!”

The reason we have such a high percentage of acceptance on offers is that we are honest about it when people don’t qualify. If you don’t qualify for an offer to begin with, our goal is to let you know and come up with another solution! That is why at Advanced Tax Solutions you meet with a Professional CPA, who is also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, face to face to go over your personal situation.

Don’t ever let a sales person over the phone take your money. They just don’t understand the ins and outs of an offer in compromise like a professional will. Yet thousands of people give big checks to people they’ve only met on the phone and get a raw deal.

We would truly like to help you with the IRS’s offer in compromise program. We do business the old fashioned way… face to face, and with integrity. Our heart’s desire is to use our knowledge and skills to be a benefit to you.


If you want to sit down and talk with the person working on your case... We are right here. No runaround trying to figure out who is working on your case.

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