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About Our Reviews And Reputation:

We highly value our customers and their feedback. Below is just a small sampling of the reviews we have. You are always welcome to come into our office and see our binders full of customer reviews and comments from our past clients!  Remember the old adage:

"Past experience is the best indicator of future performance!"

To organize the reviews, we’ve created categories and placed reviews that are relevant to your topic of interest.  Scrolling down you will find reviews about our:

* Knowledge and Experience with the IRS
* Results for our Clients
* How we compare to our Competition
* Our Integrity
* Excellent Customer Service
* Resolutions to Tax Issues

We could tell you about our services, but we feel it’s more meaningful to let our clients say it. Scroll down until you see the heading that pertains to your interest and see what our clients say about it. Once you are satisfied that we really are dedicated to solving tax problems like yours, give us a call. We’d love to see your name added to our list of satisfied customer reviews!!! 

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Powerful IRS Knowledge & Experience:

The IRS didn’t listen to what I had to say but they listened to Advanced Tax Solutions.
 - Mark S., Henderson CO
I didn’t realize that I had additional options in dealing with my tax situation until I talked with you.
 -   John A., Lakewood CO
I was particularly happy with how hard and determined Dale Erickson worked on our amended 2000 returns which was a very complicated IRS mess.
 - Margie H.
Very professional and knowledgeable.
 - Rhonda O.
Frank was great about making sure we were contacted with information regarding our return and followed up on all questions.  I am very impressed with the office overall, they are professional and experienced.
 - Leslie K., Aurora, CO
Frank was very helpful, knowledgeable and he explained things wells. He wasn’t down on me for not filing for so long. That helped a lot.
 - Michael H., Loveland, CO
You guys were a really big help in helping us come to understand our problem with the IRS.   I felt you were very professional and you took good care of us.  You brought us to the place of resolving an overwhelming amount of just not knowing where we stood with monies owed.  Now we are free and know we can move on.
 - Ron R.
You guys are wonderful.  You keep me updated on tax changes and how to prepare myself for next year.  Thanks!
 - Kathryn K.
I did not realize that I had additional options in dealing with my tax situation until I talked with Frank.  I am very satisfied.
 - John A.
You provide a blue collar approach to a white collar circumstance. Your building states your business is professional tax handlers/accountants housed in an inviting and secure building.  Every approach or method Todd advised me to use was explained in terms that I understood.  Once people understand how complex the process is, they will realize how a professional is the only option for them.
 - Ben H., Littleton, CO

Getting Results for Clients:

Very satisfied with the resolution of my tax problem.
 - Don R.
Glenn negotiated a reasonable settlement with the IRS in a timely and professional manner.
 - Jeff H., Denver, CO
Thank you Frank and all of Advanced Tax Solutions for resolving my tax problem.  My whole tax situation was a nightmare and you were able to put a storybook ending to it.  For six years the IRS had assessments against me I could never have paid and you negotiated it down to where I can put it all behind me.  Recently I had a new daughter born and our whole family expresses our gratitude to you. The future of my daughter is so much better because of the financial relief provided from your work.  Thank you again.
 - Mitch S.
Frank helped me get the desired outcome in just two weeks and everything was handled in a very professional manor.  Each meeting we had was prompt, to the point and satisfactory results were achieved.
 - George B., Littleton, CO
Advanced Tax Solutions is very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable.  I was able to be seen quickly and they resolved my extension without delay.
 - Glenda P., Aurora, CO
I was very pleased that I chose Advanced Tax Solutions to help get my tax problems solved.  My first meeting with Frank was supportive, professional, and very low-key.  I left my first meeting with him feeling inspired that I actually was going to resolve my problems!  I felt great! Frank knows his stuff and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
 - Cindy M., Lakewood, CO
I appreciate all your hard work in resolving my tax dilemma.  By helping others – the work that you do is truly noble.
 - Robert L., Denver, CO
THANK you for all your hard work.  The company did a wonderful job and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results.  I can not say enough thank yous.
 - William H., Allen, TX
I was scared when I first came to Advanced Tax Solutions – I was in over my head with no reasonable way out.  Frank was patient, kind and compassionate.  He created a solution for me that is doable.  His staff is wonderful.  I can’t thank Frank and his team enough!  (I actually thought bankruptcy was imminent, but Frank gave me options.)
 - Carlyn R., Lakewood, CO
I wish I would have called Advanced Tax Solutions earlier.  I no longer have a tax problem thanks to Frank Rim and the staff at the firm.
 - Julian C., Westminster, CO
Advanced Tax Solutions has great people, knowledgeable hard working and caring.  I have my tax problems solved and now I don’t have to worry about the IRS.
 - Tim D., Highlands Ranch, CO


Top the Competition:

It took you only a couple of hours to fix something that the other accountant couldn’t do in 8 months!
 -   Lavern S., Golden CO
Another tax person told me I owed $10,000 and I felt there had to be errors.  I had no idea where to look.  This firm found those errors & I ended up with a $5000 refund! The best all around!
 -   Barbara C., Arvada CO
I benefited from simply trusting a firm to properly gather information and file returns.  Other firms I have worked with did not…
 -   David L., Vail CO
In one appointment here we feel that more was accomplished in one hour than in the previous 4 years with another accountant.
 -   Tracey L., Ft. Collins CO
You knew your stuff better than our other accountants and CPAs.  My problem with a previous business turned from problem to blessing.
 -  Barbara C.
I walked into Advanced Tax Solutions with a garnishment in place and several years of un-filed taxes.  My $40,000 tax debt had my future feeling shaky…but Frank explained our game plan, and now I am incompliance with the IRS and the strategy on the $40,000 debt resulted in elimination of that debt.  Advanced Tax Solutions conducted themselves in a professional manner from top to bottom.  I was relieved that my understanding of things seemed very important with no intimidation or pretense.   In an industry that is saturated with firms that promise the world and deliver very little, these guys want you to do things correctly.  Of course with as much help as you need.  They are honest and they know what they are doing.
 - Ron M., Central City, CO


Mr. Whalen was genuinely prepared to help me and not pass judgment upon me.  I am very impressed by the level of integrity I witnessed.
 -   Annette K., Denver CO
Advanced Tax Solutions accomplished what they claimed they could do in the most professional courteous and informative manner.
 -   Mitch S., Loveland CO
You spoke about integrity during our first conversation.  I found that unusual.  I didn’t find it with the IRS.  The decision in my mind was immediate while speaking with you.  I don’t worry about my problems anymore.
 - Anthony T., Fort Garland CO

Customer Service that Exceeds Expectations:

Dealing with taxes is very stressful!  But, you guys made me comfortable were extremely helpful and my problems were solved very painlessly.
 -  Gregory T., Denver CO
After our first consultation Sue was very comforting as well as Frank, they even called the same day to reassure us everything would be fine.
 -   Karen T., Thornton CO
I was well taken care of and my issues were resolved.  Frank was the most friendly person.  I thought this was going to be a very humiliating experience with a non caring attorney this could not have been further from the truth.  I was treated with the utmost respect and made to feel comfortable by the entire staff. Overall for what I was dealing with, the process was actually enjoyable.  Thanks to all at ATS!
 - Allan H., Bailey, CO
Very polite and professional and was sincere about my problem.  He listened well and was hopeful for my particular problem.
 - Dexter H., Littleton, CO
Frank showed compassion for my situation.  He explained clearly all options and which was the most beneficial.
 - Julie B., Windsor, CO
Personal Service seems to be a very high goal of this company, which really makes me feel comfortable.  Todd and Frank are knowledgeable accountants and great people, a combination I really enjoy…
 -   Molly W., Littleton CO
I knew from the first meeting your firm would take care of my problem with the IRS.  Advanced Tax Solutions gave me a calm feeling, down to earth answers and help with no b.s.
 - Dan S., Denver, CO
Todd was very professional and courteous and he kept me informed on how my case was progressing.
 - Bill S., Castle Rock, CO
I was a client of Advanced Tax Solutions 20 years ago … must have been one of your first cases.  Back then, $2000 due to the IRS was big bucks for me, especially when I didn’t owe it.  I still remember your warmth and kindness through all of my anxiety.
 - Carol M., Denver, CO
I think your firm is wonderful.  All employees are professional, very friendly, and wonderful at what you do.  I don’t worry about my taxes because of your help.
 - Joanna B.
Your services are excellent, you have reached the pinnacle of customer care and only need to sustain what you have built.  I feel like you have given me a lottery ticket and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.
 - Rob K., Littleton, CO
The communication I received from Frank made it very comfortable to discuss my issues with him without feeling embarrassed.  He talked to me in a manner that let me know that everything was going to workout.  Frank made it possible for me to be in “non-collectible
 - status, this has lifted such a load off my shoulders and allows me to get my finances in order and look forward instead of being afraid.
 - Felicia D., Denver, CO
The greatest benefit that I received from your services included everything from the ground up.  Dale, Todd, and Sue did things on time and the firm is very professional in every sense of the word.  The case was well prepared.   People in this firm really care.  I was not just another number.
 -  Greg Y.
I have to say, your services have been amazing.  I was so scared and tired when I first came in the ATS office and feel so different after your help.  Your professionalism, courtesy and friendliness really have helped me through very trying times.  I fully intend to use your services for any future tax related issues.
 - Martin S., Denver, CO
I am from a small farm community and Todd made me feel comfortable and at ease while giving me the facts and possible options available in my situation.
 - Ron E. Milliken, CO
I appreciated being able to speak freely with Dale.  He was never condescending or made us feel incompetent.  His suggestions for our bookkeeping services made me particularly happy.  He offered assistance and explained fees, but more importantly, he instilled a confidence that we could do it based on our own experiences.  He was timely with taxes, counsel, and guidance.  He gave peace of mind.  He explained everything and gave great advice on how to approach deductions in the coming years.
 -   Connie Q.
The firm is very professional, has expertise and top customer service. Dale Erickson’s follow up was timely, consistent and cordial.  He is genuinely concerned about your welfare.
 -   Dan J.
Great!!! You were very helpful and patient.  I was thrilled when I got the news of my payment plan and how low it was!!!
 - Thomas B.
Dealing with Dale and Sue is a great up lifter!  Their attitudes are wonderful and it’s a pleasure to open the door at 1609!
 -   Nick H.

Peace of Mind:

I think you are amazing, friendly, professional, and I trust you!  I don’t worry about my taxes any longer.
 - Melody E.
My situation was explained to me by Todd and my best way to handle it was defined; now I can sleep at night.
 -   Thomas A., Denver CO
Peace of mind!! A lot less stress knowing this part of life is in the past.  This process has given us a few less wrinkles, gray hair and heart problems.  That may sound artificial but it’s not.  Believe me.  Thank- you!
 - Kenneth B., Longmont, CO
One of the greatest benefits is peace of mind that a qualified professional is taking care of the tax problem.
 -   Molly W., Littleton CO
One of the best feelings was that your firm had taken on the burden of communication with the IRS.  No surprises that has been a relief.
 - Susan & Jeff G., Littleton, CO
Absolute trust that my taxes are being done correctly by qualified people, which has taken a great load off my mind.
 -   Lorraine S.,Denver CO
ATS successfully negotiated an Offer in Compromise for a tax assessment from six years ago I would never have been able to pay. The result is relief of a tremendous tax burden and the emotional anxiety along with it.  My life is now changed with relief of such a financial burden.
 -   Mitch S., Loveland CO
Todd brought my problem down to earth and within a grasp I can deal with.
 -   Thomas A., Denver CO
They moved very quick to stop the garnishments from my checks and that was such a relief and I was able to sleep again and feel less stress.
 -   Mike T., Thornton CO
Dear Todd, Several months ago I was under a great deal of stress because of a mistake I made… Since then you have basically saved me from the aggravating task of dealing with the IRS.  I am forever grateful for your incredible sense of humor, and patience.  You have gone beyond what I have expected from an accountant…
 -   Christina P.,Denver CO
I can’t thank you enough for taking my case on.  You have really saved me.  If I had not stumbled upon you I would be in an awful place.  You are one step closer to Sainthood because this was a miracle.
 -   Kay R.,Denver CO
This has given me true peace of mind.
 -   Phil B., Aurora CO
Peace of Mind
 - Molly W., Littleton CO
Peace of Mind
 - Thomas R., Thornton CO
Peace of Mind
 - Susan Y., Denver CO
Peace of Mind
 - Keith H., Littleton CO
Peace of Mind
 - Melody E., Denver CO
Peace of Mind
 - Dejan K., Gardiner MT


The other day I asked my husband if he saw Frank when he went in to pick up our completed taxes.  He said, ‘Yes.  It’s always good to see Frank.’  I about fell over.  Last summer Frank was the messenger who delicately explained where $20,000.00+ in back taxes was to be mailed.  You gave us peace of mind.
 - Robin R.
We were able to get to the place of resolving an overwhelming amount of monies owed.  Now we are free and know we can move on.
 -  Ron R., Aurora CO
Advanced Tax Solutions was very professional, concise, and courteous.  They removed the stress and burden from my mind about dealing with the IRS.  I was able to go on with my life knowing that a huge weight had been lifted.
 - Lance C., Aurora, CO
Peace of Mind – I no longer worry about the IRS calls, letters or unannounced visits.  I used to think about worse case situations with them (IRS), but no longer.  After the first meeting with Frank I knew I had made the right decision in choosing Advanced Tax Solutions.  I felt more than confident that my IRS problem would be resolved.
 - Robert L., Denver, CO

Turn IRS Problems in to Money Back:

Last year they corrected my return and got me an additional $4,800.
 -  Keith H., Littleton CO
Superb.  You work with clarity and precision.  Dale found a number of valid deductions that resulted in a larger than anticipated refund for us.
 - Robert G.
One time I did our taxes and Todd reviewed them.  He found an additional savings of $2,000.  Thanks!
 -   Sue H., Lakewood CO

Excellent Small Business Tax Services:

I personally wouldn’t have another firm do my taxes.  You helped me and my business in every fashion imaginable.  The success of my business has been greatly influenced by your firm’s personal and professional help.  Thank you.  I have renewed confidence that I am finally in good hands.  I know that I will never have a tax problem again with your firm doing my taxes.  Thank you for all your help.
 -   Steve E.
As a first time small business owner, Dale was and is a great resource for me and he really cares about our success.
 - Kevin A.