Top Nine Reasons to Utilize a Tax Preparer This Tax Season

March 6, 2019

Boxes of receipts, a confusing pile of forms from work, letters from charities you’re affiliated with —when tax time comes along, confusion can rule the day. That’s why the professionals here at Advanced Tax Solutions encourage families from Denver, small business owners from Aurora, and self-employed individuals from Littleton to trust us to prepare their tax return right the first time. Having a team of experienced, professional, and knowledgeable tax professionals in your corner can go a long way toward maximizing your 2019 tax return while staving off errors that commonly occur when you go it alone. 

9. Avoid Confusion - Let’s face it, not all of us are numerically inclined. But that’s okay. If paperwork, and perhaps more importantly, financial-related mathematics aren’t your strong suit, having a tax preparer who is well versed and savvy with the latest IRS forms and documentation requirements is the perfect ally to quell your fear of numbers. Our team of tax professionals to take you through the process in a calm and organized fashion and happily answer all the questions you have along the way. 

8. Free Up Your Schedule & Avoid Procrastination - Sometimes when it’s up to us as individuals to get our taxes done, they simply don’t get done. Whether it’s fear of making a mistake, failure to carve out time for your hectic schedule, or simply a lack of desire to unpack your financial year, procrastinating on your taxes can cost you thousands of dollars down the road. When Denver-area taxpayers prepare their returns with Advanced Tax Solutions, they do so in accordance with their obligations to work and family while getting their returns filed well before IRS deadlines. 

7. Keep Up with IRS Changes - Unbeknownst to many taxpayers, IRS rules and tax-related laws change year after year. And while it’s nearly impossible for non-tax professionals to keep abreast of all the changes, at Advanced Tax Solutions, it’s part of what we do everyday. With a tax professional who is up to date on changes to personal income tax law in 2019 in your corner, you can stay ahead of the curve and possibly even take advantage of new routes for tax savings. 

6. Avoid Potentially Costly Errors - While pricey computer software and online vendors have greatly reduced the chance of making errors when self-filing your tax return, they haven’t eliminated the risk entirely. Errors in your tax return don’t just have the potential to delay your return —they can actually end up costing you money. Advanced Tax Solutions prides itself on accuracy and transparency when we work with you to file your income tax return, all in effort to all-but-reduce errors that will delay your return and potentially cost you time and money down the road. 

5. Maintain Representation - Advanced Tax Solutions won’t just be with you throughout your filing process, we’ll stay with you long after. If in the event you’re audited at a later date, Advance Tax Solutions will stand by both our work and you as our client, helping you to navigate your audit as quickly and conveniently as possible. The team here at Advanced Tax Solutions in greater-Denver has successfully represented hundreds of local individuals and business through the IRS audit process, meaning you’ll have experience and professionalism in your corner. 

4. Make Smarter Tax Decisions - When you work with Denver’s Advanced Tax Solutions to file your 2019 personal income tax, you don’t just get organized, professional service. Our team can also steer you towards myriad tax breaks and specialized programs you may have been previously unfamiliar with. The IRS offers a variety of tax breaks and exemptions for self-employed professionals, families, and those who donate to charity. With Advanced Tax Solutions by your side, you’ll be able to spot opportunities to save you may have never knew existed. 

3. Plan for Future Tax Years - Making smarter tax decisions doesn’t have to be about just this year —but future years as well. At Advanced Tax Solutions, the conclusion of your 2019 income tax filing doesn’t have to mean an end to our partnership with you. Our team will give you sound advice to approach future tax years as well as pertinent information related to federal and state programs and exemptions to be on the lookout for for future tax years. 

2. Gain Peace of Mind - No more stress! When you have your federal income tax filing handled by Advanced Tax Solutions, you can cast away all the anxiety you have related to procrastinating on your taxes or fretting about potential errors. We have years of experience helping families, individuals, and small businesses from across Denver stay proactive about their federal income tax filing and make sure their taxes are filed correctly and on time each year they work with us. 

1. Save Money - Paying a reasonable fee for a tax professional to review and submit your taxes is far more affordable than what might happen when you submit a tax return late or rife with errors —especially when you’re not sure of the potential cost-saving measures you can take by utilizing special tax programs and exemptions. 

There’s a reason why Advanced Tax Solutions has been the among the greater-Denver region’s most trusted names in tax preparation year after year, and it’s time for you to find out why. Contact our team today to set up a free consultation and to learn more about how we can take the stress out of tax season while maximizing every possible angle to ensure your 2019 federal income tax return is as robust as possible. At Advanced Tax Solutions, we offer advanced solutions to complex tax problems.
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