What is IRS “Beast Mode”, and Does it Apply to You?

By Todd Whalen - January 31, 2023

The IRS can be a daunting entity to deal with, especially when it comes to taxes. As a taxpayer, you may have heard the term "Beast Mode" thrown around in reference to the IRS—and it sounds pretty scary.

But what exactly does it mean?

In short, IRS "Beast Mode" really means that the IRS is taking an aggressive stance on enforcing tax laws and collecting unpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns. This can include actions such as wage garnishments, bank levies, and even criminal prosecution for tax evasion.

That may sound a little intimidating, but the truth is, the IRS just wants to make sure everyone is paying their fair share.

It's important to note that the IRS doesn't take kindly to taxpayers who ignore their tax obligations. If you have unfiled tax returns or owe back taxes, the time to address these issues is now before the IRS comes knocking. And that's where Advanced Tax Solutions comes in.

But it's not just about dealing with existing problems; the team at Advanced Tax Solutions are experts in dealing with IRS problems with decades of exeperience. No matter what your specific tax needs are, we've got you covered. Whether you need to file missing returns, set up a payment plan, or resolve disputes, our tax experts are here to help.

They can also negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, to work towards resolving any disputes or reducing penalties. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are in good hands.

So, don't let the idea of IRS "Beast Mode" keep you up at night. Contact Advanced Tax Solutions today to get started on getting your taxes in order, and you'll be able to relax and enjoy tax season. No need to be intimidated, let our team take care of it, so you can focus on the things you love.

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