IRS Transcripts for Taxes - Why Should I Work with a Tax Specialist?

Are you curious what the IRS knows about you? Tax time can be very stressful, especially if you’ve struggled with previous filings or are currently going back and forth with the IRS. IRS transcripts can be extremely valuable in understanding exactly where you stand with the IRS and all the options you might not have known where possible.

Here’s everything you should know about IRS transcripts for taxes, why you should work with a tax specialist, and what you can expect when you do:

What Are IRS Transcripts for Taxes?
IRS transcripts for taxes are documents that you can request from the IRS, which have a summary of return information, a record of past tax returns, and a variety of other information. They’re basically a peak at what the IRS knows about you and any potential tax problems, including:
  • When taxes will expire.
  • If the IRS thinks you didn’t file a return.
  • If the IRS filed a return for you.
  • If the IRS has deemed you uncollectable, leaving you alone from the risk of levy.
  • If you are in the IRS Garnishment and Levy Bullseye.
Why Work With a Specialist?
IRS transcripts for taxes can be very hard to get on your own, and you will have to confirm your identity when requesting them from the IRS. A tax specialist can obtain your transcript discreetly without the IRS knowing and will even find missing W2s and I9s if you don’t know where they are or how to retrieve them. Additionally, tax specialists can streamline this process so you can get your transcript quicker.

Tax transcripts can be confusing, especially for those who have any post-filing compliance activity, like tax notices and back-and-forth correspondence with the IRS. A tax specialist will help you make sense of it all and explain the all the options and solutions available.

The tax specialists at Advanced Tax Solutions will also use their experience and expertise to mine more information from the IRS, so your transcripts are more thorough and detailed.

What to Expect
When working with a tax specialist at Advanced Tax Solutions to get your IRS transcripts for taxes, a secure and confidential online portal will be created that is specific to you and only you. After entering the required information in this portal and signing the 8821, which allows us to retrieve information from the IRS, you’ll specify whether you would like us to call and get the information or request a written file from the IRS. From there we will schedule a one-on-one consultation

Let Us Help You Get Your IRS Transcripts for Taxes

Advanced Tax Solutions has been consulting clients on their IRS transcripts and solutions for decades. Get the reliable help you need to tackle your tax problems professionally and confidentially. Give us call today to learn more or don’t wait, visit our secure and confidential online portal to sign up today and finally get the tax answers you’ve been waiting for

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