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Tax Problems

IRS problems are tough.  Whether you are angry about what the IRS is doing to you, tired of the wearisome IRS processes, or depressed and emotionally depleted by the severe situation you are in with the IRS, we offer expert tax help in Denver  with one goal in mind… to get this problem behind you.  


Payroll Tax Problems

Unlike personal tax problems, payroll tax problems are much more complicated.  Most non-professionals don’t understand some of the specific nuances that could affect their personal liability.  For instance, if “trust fund” debt is designated improperly, the IRS MUST channel the payment toward something you may not personally have to pay. Our tax resolution services are here to inform and assist you to fix these types of problems.


Tax Solutions

At Advanced Tax Solutions we know that no two tax problems are the same and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Unlike other tax resolution firms, we DO NOT use unlicensed sales people to “close deals.” At ATS every new client will meet a professional for tax help who is licensed before the IRS, who will provide professional IRS assistance and tailor a solution to your specific needs. 


Tax Resolution Services You Can Trust

Feeling hopelessly tied in financial knots and distressed due to the Internal Revenue Service? Need tax help in the Denver metro area?  Meeting with our licensed professionals can help you find answers.  You may want to set up an installment agreement (Payment Plan), offer less money to settle your IRS debt (Offer In Compromise), ask the IRS to remove penalties (Penalty Abatement), or  have the IRS set your case aside while you get on your feet financially (Uncollectable Status).  We will gladly provide a no obligation, no pressure meeting to discuss your personal options and what tax resolution services we have to offer.  In fact, as a courtesy for new clients our initial consultation is provided at no charge.

We hear of people’s nightmares who have trusted big box tax resolution chains and found themselves in an even worse predicament. We are locally owned and have offered tax resolution services in the Denver Metro area of Colorado for over 20 years. We live and work in Colorado just like you, so if you want to sit down and talk with the person providing you tax help, you can!  At Advanced Tax Solutions, there will be no runaround trying to figure out who is working on your case and where you are in the process of resolving your tax problem. Our Denver tax help professionals are here for you for anything you need. 


We understand the fear, frustration, and financial ruin an IRS tax problem can cause.  Advanced Tax Solutions is equipped to provide the highest quality of IRS assistance.  Be our Next Great Story, just like you’ve heard on the radio!

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Our Promise As Tax Professionals

Our goal is to always provide the highest level of IRS assistance. We are proud that our clients refer their friends, business colleagues and family on a regular basis. In pursuit of an excellent relationship with you, we provide the following, so you feel comfortable doing business with us:

  You will have a free initial consultation with a licensed professional who is also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

  We will always provide a written outline of tax resolution services and fees before any work is performed. No surprise bills!

  By working with us for tax help in Denver, you will be treated with care and concern for your well-being. You will not be treated like a commission check! 

  We are proactive in our dealings with the IRS. The biggest complaint we hear about national IRS resolution firms is that they don’t work on your behalf until the bottom drops out. We are committed to anticipating and preparing for IRS actions, so you are able to take action before a problem arises.

  We will look out for your best interest! 

We want the tax resolution services we provide to be such a great experience that you want to get on the radio and tell Denver that you are our Next Great Story--or at least tell your friends personally! This is what we strive for on every case.


Peace of Mind

How long since you’ve really had financial peace of mind? If the IRS has replaced your peace of mind with frustration and fear, it can only help to meet with one of our accomplished professionals who is dedicated to helping people like you with IRS assistance.  If you read our testimonials, you will see the most common benefit our clients say they receive from us is peace of mind.  Whether your IRS problem is big or small, a payroll tax problem or an individual tax problem, we offer tax help in Denver, Colorado to restore your financial peace. The initial consultation is free and because our professionals are not working for a commission, you will not be insulted with high pressure “closing” tactics.  Just good honest advice on how the IRS works and what can be done.  Peace…

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